First trip to local Indian food~! Spray thought (English)

Today was the first day I visited the branch office of our company in Noida, Delhi. I've met several Indian friends who I had worked together in Suwon. It was a really nice time to see them in a long time.
After struggling with pending jobs which were stacked up during last weekend, I felt a bit hungry at around 5 P.M. So I reached to my friend Somil and ask him to give me some cookies or chocolate. Fortunately(?) he didn't have any. Instead, he told me to buy some Indian snacks in the cafeteria on the 1st floor. Wow, what a luck! In there, I had a really delicious snack named 'samosa'.
this looks similar to the samosa I've took today. I had it with curry.

This food broke the preconception upon Indian food that it'll be very spicy, but it was more moderate than I thought.
However in the evening, I've found those thoughts were true in some senses. I (and the senior engineer who's working with me) had a chance to have dinner in a nice local Indian restaurant with other Indian employees who're in a high position in the Indian branch office. So I thought it'll be a good chance to experience local foods in a place where the cleanness is guaranteed.
I've tried various foods (for non-vegiterian), and the best one was 'Chapati with curry'. The real Tanduri chicken was more spicy than I have had back in Korea, and the other foods were also spicy so I couldn't take it much. But there were no food that made me think of 'Oh....I'll rather die than eat this up' :) I think today's dinner was a precious chance for me in experiencing other cultures.

Anyway....Most Korean who've traveled India before warned that we should be careful especially for water and local foods. If you take it without care, you will loose bowels and suffer from it for several days. So...actually I'm worried of tomorrow. Would I follow the previous case of others? Or am I born with native Indian stomach? Guess what~!

chapati. I had a 'sweet chapati'


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